Monday, February 22, 2016

Editorial # 2 - “What about all the Youtube content out there?”

I was initially a little hesitant to bring up some of the Nightwing content I have seen on Youtube. Don't really know why; I just was. The truth is that there is a ton of fan-generated material out there. I wouldn't even attempt to run down the entirety of it. What I can do is tell you some of the best stuff that I have seen. The following live action material features a lot of really well done action sequences and are all very different interpretations of the character:
The last video I will mention here is not a fan film at all, it's actually an action figure customizer's review of a Nightwing figure he made as a commission. ( The main reason I decided to include it on this list is because I thought the work was so impressive that it reignited my interest in collecting action figures. I don't have the extra collateral to buy a custom figure right now, but I have bought a couple of the better looking mass-produced Nightwing figures that came out in the last few years and I have plans to get a few more. I also happen to know that when we do have the dough, my wife is fully intent upon getting me custom figures of Nightwing, the Flash, and Black Canary! I'm super pumped about that and I'll make sure to post any news on that front when things start moving.

Like I said this is only the tip of the iceberg. As I understand it, there are now more videos on Youtube than any person would be able to watch in several lifetimes, even if that was all they ever did from birth until they died! Lots of cats… Anyway, if you're a fan, check these guys' work out. I promise you'll find something to like.

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