Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Editorial # 6 - “The Future Looks Bright for a Certain Gotham Knight"

For even casual fans of DC Comics, it will come as no surprise that Dick Grayson's time as a super spy is soon to be ending. As revealed during DC's Rebirth panel atWonderCon, our hero going to be back in costume as Nightwing and that costume is going to be black and blue! The biweekly book will at least partially spin out of events in the current Grayson series and helmed by current series co-writer, Tim Seeley. Fans of Grayson should find that a comforting thought. I'm only familiar with one of the two series pencillers. Marcus To is fantastic! If you need proof of that, check out the pre-Flashpoint Red Robin series, the Huntress mini-series, or some of his fill-in work for Francis Manapul on the Flash. I don't know Javi Fernandez' work, but I do like the couple of images I have seen, so I'm going to be cautiously optimistic.
Dick will also be hanging out with his Titans pals in a new monthly series spinning out of TitansHunt. That one's by Dan Abnett and Brett Booth. Abnett has been keeping my interest piqued on Titans Hunt, so I'm fairly certain that I'll be okay with the writing. Booth's abbreviated run on the New52 Nightwing series was really good. I found it to be vastly superior to his more recent work as the artist on the Flash or his earlier work on the first New52 Teen Titans series. The preliminary images of Titans look pretty good, so...fingers crossed?
So how will all this affect TKF? Since I still intend to review everything since the start of the New52, I will continue to work on the already existing books. However, at my current rate, I realize that if I stay totally chronological, I won't get to the Rebirth books for many months. Therefor, I have decided that once Rebirth hits, I will review the new Nightwing and Titans books in as close to real time as I can and continue to catch up the previously existing series when I'm not working on the new ones.

Lastly, I'm still planning to get to work on the original superhero concept that I mentioned in my first TKF editorial. I'm not sure how that will affect the overall output on this project. Once that's ready, I'll have to make any necessary adjustments on the fly. I have a little research to do first, but hopefully I can have that up and going by late May or early June. We have a new baby in the house, so time and consciousness don't coincide a lot right now. I will have reviews for Nightwing # 10, and possibly # 11, up by Saturday. I've already written them in my head. Just need to get them typed out. Anybody reading, I hope to hear from you soon. Later, Fliers! (If there really is anybody out there reading these brain droppings, that's what I call you in my head. Let me know what you think.)

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